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13 – 15 May 2025, Lagos, Nigeria

Connecting The Nigerian Utilities Industry

Nigeria has the 7th largest population in the world and growing fast, as a result the supply for Power and Water will need to increase to keep up with the growing demands. With just over 51% of the population having access to power sometimes, the lack of power has been the biggest obstacle for the country to grow. The water sector on the other hand faces similar challenges with 71% of the population having access to safe water, and yes climate is to be blamed, however research shows a much-needed upgrade in the water supply infrastructure.

Power & Water Nigeria Exhibition, connecting the power and water industries since 2022 offers global stakeholders to access and engage in technical discussion to do on the spot assessment of region’s opportunities in power generation, distribution, renewables, and water & utilities sectors. The exhibition offers an annual platform for buyers to explore & compare innovative technologies from the leading local and international suppliers.


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Exhibition. Lectures. Networking. Workshops.

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The Simba Group, founded in 1988, has been at the forefront of Nigeria’s economic development, operating in vital sectors like agriculture, alternative energy, backup power, networking, ICT, and commercial vehicles. The Group’s widespread presence ensures product and service accessibility across Nigeria, embodying a commitment to customer satisfaction through quality and innovation.

At Power and Water Nigeria 2024, Simba Group is excited to present its distinguished power product brands, which showcase its commitment to reliability and innovation in the energy sector.

Luminous, Nigeria’s leading inverter and battery brand, offers state-of-the-art solutions designed for efficient and reliable heavy-duty use, reflecting the Group’s focus on technological advancement.

Simba Solar specializes in solar electrification systems, providing eco-friendly lighting solutions for urban and rural settings. This underlines our dedication to sustainable energy.

KSTAR delivers unparalleled online UPS systems, ensuring continuous power supply for critical sectors, from healthcare to data centers. This highlights the importance of uninterrupted energy.

Genus is recognized for its premium sine wave inverters, which incorporate advanced technology for efficient power use in commercial and industrial settings, demonstrating our commitment to innovation.

We are proud to contribute to the nation’s energy solutions with our cutting-edge products and services. Representing Simba Group and our brands at Power and Water Nigeria 2024, we are proud to contribute to the nation’s energy solutions with our cutting-edge products and services.

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