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Transformation of Power & Water Nigeria Conference

Digital Energy Africa

We are excited to announce that the Power and Water Nigeria Conference has undergone a transformation and is now a part of the Digital Energy Africa segment within the IoT West Africa Conference. This integration aims to enhance the scope and depth of discussions surrounding smart & renewable energy and their integration with IoT technologies. Join us as we explore the intersection of smart energy, IoT, and digital innovation in West Africa.

Key Focus Area

Energy Efficiency Using Smart Grid Technologies

Energy Storage Using IOT

Smart Metering

Digitization for Rural Electrification

Digital Technologies for Utilities Infrastructure & Operations

Solar & Renewable Energy


2024 Speakers




Clean Water

Smart Metering

Energy Storage




Key Takeaways

Boost Efficiency

Deep dive into driving operational efficiencies through updated Policies, Automation & Improved Customer Engagement.

Emerging Technologies

The industry is witnessing accelerated transformation in the use of Innovative Technologies, gear up to adopt the change.

Future Strategies

Understand the Policies and Regulatory framework changes required to drive the industry evolution & success

Think Green

Address, Discuss & Promote an honest approach to tackle long term power and water challenges before us for a Sustainable future.

Industry Revolution

Identify investment opportunities and build synergies with utilities partner for profitable partnership.

Lead the Change

Gather Expert insight on latest industry trends & developments & discover new solutions & methods for your next project delivery

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