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Powering Up Nigeria: Exploring Progress and Opportunities in the Energy and Water Sectors


Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, is experiencing a surge in economic growth and
urbanization. This rapid development demands a robust and reliable infrastructure, with power
and water at the forefront. While challenges remain, significant progress is being made in these
critical sectors.

Progress in Power:

Increased Generation Capacity: Nigeria has witnessed a steady rise in power
generation capacity in recent years. Investments in renewable energy sources like solar
and hydro are diversifying the energy mix, reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Grid Expansion and Rehabilitation: Efforts are underway to expand the national grid
and improve its efficiency. This will ensure a wider distribution of electricity across the

Off-grid Solutions: For remote areas not yet connected to the national grid, off-grid
solutions like solar mini-grids and standalone solar systems are providing much-needed
power access.

Challenges in Power:

Transmission and Distribution Losses: Losses in transmission and distribution lines
remain a major hurdle. Upgrading infrastructure is crucial to minimize these losses and
improve overall efficiency.

Financial Sustainability: The power sector faces financial challenges. Implementing
sustainable funding models and attracting private investment are key to long-term

Progress in Water:

Improved Water Infrastructure: Investments are being made in water treatment plants,
pipelines, and sanitation facilities. This is improving access to clean and safe drinking
water for the population.

Water Resources Management: Awareness is growing about the importance of
sustainable water resource management. Initiatives are being undertaken to conserve
water and improve water use efficiency.

Challenges in Water:

Rapid Population Growth: Nigeria’s population is projected to continue growing rapidly. This will put additional strain on existing water resources.

Climate Change: Changes in rainfall patterns and extreme weather events due to climate change pose significant threats to water security. Investing in climate-resilient
water infrastructure is crucial.

Power & Water Exhibition: A Platform for Progress

The upcoming Power & Water Exhibition, taking place at the Federal Palace, Lagos, Nigeria,
from 2-4 July 2024, offers a valuable platform for stakeholders in the energy and water sectors.
This event will showcase the latest technologies, solutions, and trends in power generation,
transmission, distribution, water treatment, and sanitation.

Why Attend the Power & Water Exhibition?
  • Connect with Industry Leaders: Network with key decision-makers, government
    officials, and potential partners in the power and water sectors.
  • Discover Latest Technologies: Explore innovative solutions and technologies that can help improve efficiency and sustainability in the energy and water industries.
  • Gain Valuable Insights: Attend informative presentations and workshops led by
    industry experts to learn about the latest trends and challenges in the sector.
  • Shape the Future: Be part of the conversation about creating a more secure and
    sustainable future for power and water in Nigeria.

Nigeria is on the right track towards achieving a more reliable and efficient power and
water infrastructure. The Power & Water Exhibition provides a unique opportunity to
explore the progress made, address existing challenges, and discover new solutions that
will contribute to a brighter future for the nation.



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